What is a CSA?


CSA, or, Community Supported Agriculture is a farm membership where we provide fresh, seasonally available food directly to you, our member. Choosing to be a CSA member means you believe in our farm, and you believe that locally grown, non-GMO food is a great choice for a healthy family. 

When you join our CSA you eat the same food as we do. And that food is special to us. We take care of our land, we don't use harsh chemicals and we don't use GMO seeds. We believe in growing things as God designed them to grow. So we use organic farming practices to ensure quality foods that are safe and delicious. This food is the same food that we feed our own families. 

Membership Details

When you become a member of the Kingdom Farms CSA, you’re purchasing a half bushel “share” of seasonally available vegetables from our farm. The variety of these shares depends on what we can harvest on the farm for the current week. Each share will feed about 2-3 family members with great tasting farm fresh food. You can find what we are growing for the 2017 season here

When you become a CSA member, you understand that Kingdom Farm is not responsible for acts of God and that you are willing to accept the conditions that farmers are faced with throughout the growing season. 

Pick Up & Delivery
CSA baskets can be picked up at at the farmers markets in Danville, Brownsburg or Pittsboro. You can also drop by the farm to pick up your order. If you need to change your pickup location or are going to miss your pick up, please let us know at least 12 hours before your scheduled pick up and we can try to setup a different time. We can't give credit for a missed pick up. If you are going to be unable to pick up your basket, feel free to send a friend to pick it up. All missed pickups will be donated to local ministries. If you are in need of home deliveries for mobility reasons please contact us

Basket Deposit
We require that you return the Kingdom Farm basket at your next pick up. If you don't return last week's basket we will charge you $5 for it's replacement. We can't release a new basket until the last one is covered.

CSA membership payments for the 2017 season are required in full or in 2 payments before the start of the season. We will accept payment is accepted by cash, check, credit card or via online checkout. We can't accept cancellations or refunds.