Non-GMO vs GMO

Deer hunting - 2016

Deer hunting - 2016

This Thanksgiving my brother-in-law and I went out deer hunting. Sadly we didn't see any deer but we did find something worth sharing with you. Above you can see two ears of corn, one of them is non-GMO, organically grown and the other one is a  round-up ready GMO ear of corn. Both of these ears of corn had been sitting in a field for a couple weeks and as you can see the ear of corn that is organic is decomposing, but not the GMO corn. It's crazy to see but the GMO corn looks perfect, just like the day it was picked.

All natural crops, like what we grow at Kingdom Farms, will decompose in a field where bacteria in the soil will eat it. But when you look at the GMO corn you can see clearly that the natural process isn't touching the other ear. Not even bacteria will touch this corn and neither should you or your family.

This year, make the choice to think about the food you feed your family. It really does make a difference when you know your farmer, know how they grow their food and know that it's healthy for you and your family. Here at Kingdom Farms we are growing food that is healthy for your family and tastes great. If you would like to know more about our products please click here. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to be notified once CSA memberships are available, and when we start selling food at your local farmers market. 

If you would like to learn more about the health benefits of eating Non-GMO foods please check out GMO Facts - By The Non GMO Project