5 Reasons To Join A CSA

We have got a lot of great feedback from the people in our community asking questions about CSA memberships. We wanted to take a few minutes to share 5 reasons you should consider joining our CSA. 

Support Your Local Farmer & Community

When you buy a CSA membership you are making an early season investment in a local farm. This investment helps the farmer make sure they are ready for the season, and it secures you the healthy, farm fresh food you need all season long.

Know Your Food

Do you know where all of your food was grown? Do you know where it was packaged, cleaned and what chemicals were used on it? If you answered no, joining a CSA allows you to know how your food was grown and if it was treated with pesticides or any other chemicals. 

Save Time & Energy While Eating Better

When you have a CSA membership you can expect to have farm fresh food delivered each week. All you have to do is stop and pick it up at a local delivery place of your choice. Now your family can have farm fresh food without waiting in line at the store.

Eat Non-GMO Foods

The primary reason we started Kingdom Farms was to grow foods that were healthy and free from GMO's. When you have a CSA membership with us you can be sure that your food will be grown naturally, free from Genetic Modification, and free from harmful chemicals. The reasons for choosing to not eat GMO foods are numerous, for an example of the difference between non-GMO and GMO foods click here.

Eat A Large Variety Of Farm Fresh Produce

Most often, the food you buy at your local grocery has sat on the shelves and traveled on a truck for weeks before you even purchase it. But when you invest in a CSA you are guaranteed fresh, seasonally available food picked weekly. 

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